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The 5 top qualities of a good contractor

When you have made the decision to embark on a home improvement project and you have realized that its extensive work that will require a contractor, then you must ensure you go for a good one as this is the only way you are guaranteed of a job well done. This is especially important if you have never worked with a reputable contractor before.

Here are the top 5 qualities you must look for to determine a good contractor.

1 The contractor’s level of experience

Because the task of home improvement is very extensive and will require a wide range of expertise in construction, it’s important to ensure that the contractor you select for the job is well experienced in the field of construction all the way from designing to basic repairs. An example would be O’Sullivan Installs in Billerica MA. A contractor who understands how to do the job himself/herself is much more likely lead his team in doing a good job. Do your due diligence to verify their level of experience.

2 The contractor’s reputation

A contractor’s reputation will be built by the quality of their work. Reputable contractors will have very many recommendations from previous clients who will have plenty of good to say about their work. On the other hand, questionable contractors will either have bad reviews or no reviews at all. Be sure to ask previous clients they have worked with and also look for online reviews.

3 The contractor’sintegrity

A contractor with integrity is one who respects his/her profession as well as the client. They will not charge rates that are not commensurate to the job being done and they will strive to accomplish all the agreed deliverables within the agreed timelines. In the event they make mistakes, they will always own up to them and provide solutions as quickly as possible. As you are doing your due diligence, be sure to ask former clients about the contractor’s integrity.

4 The contractor must beflexible

Most construction work may be altered by unforeseen circumstances which may require changes in timelines as well as schedules. A good contractor is one who fully understands this and will be willing to adjust. This is where flexibility is key and this will apply to their skills as well as ability to adjust their schedules. A good contractor should be willing to go the extra mile to complete your project whether it involves working weekends, extra hours or evenings.

5 The contractor must be a good listener

During a home improvement project, the voice of the client is supreme. In as much as the contractor is the one with the skills, they must first listen to what the client wants then figure out how to use their skills to meet the client’s requirements. A contractor who is not a good listener may end up missing out a number of instructions and mess up a part of the job. As part of your interviewing process, be sure to test how much of a good listener the contractor is.

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