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5 home objects you must always remember to clean

One of the main components of home improvement is cleanliness. Regardless of the amount of money you spend on refurbishing your home, as long as you don’t clean, your home will never be appealing. This is especially important if you intend to show your house to potential home buyers as you wouldn’t want them to get turned off by a filthy home.

Here are 5 objects in your home that you must always remember to clean not only because they have the potential to accumulate harmful bacteria but also because cleanliness is a virtue.

Your kitchen handles

When in the kitchen, we handle so many organic materials from the food to the cooking oils we use. Most of us will end up touching various kitchen handles from the refrigerator door to the cooker handle and even the cabinet handles without washing our hands. The organic materials will then stick to these handles and become a breeding ground for bacteria. It’s therefore important to include kitchen handles in our cleaning routines.

Your toothbrush holder

Considering the fact that you use your toothbrush to clean bacteria from your mouth, it’s a no brainer that your toothbrush holder needs frequent cleaning yet many of us forget. Make it a habit to clean the holder as well as the toothbrushes at least once a week to avoid it forming scum and becoming a breeding ground for bacteria.

Your light switches

The moment we get into the house in the evening, the light switch is probably the first thing we touch with our sweaty or grimy hands every day, and we never remember to clean them when doing general cleaning. This has madethem a breeding ground for bacteria and if you look keenly, you may notice some scum. It’s therefore a good practice to include light switches in our cleaning routines.

Your place mats

We love our place mats because they help protect our wood finishes, glass or ceramic finishes from stains. The interesting thing however is that many people will not remember to clean the place mat. Depending on the type of place mat you are using, you should make it a habit to clean it at least once a week if nothing spilled on it and immediately if something has spilled on it.

Your reusable shopping bags

We all love our reusable shopping bags. After all, it’s the little we can do to play our part in protecting our environment. Most of us however never remember to clean these bags in spite of us using them to carry all sorts of organic food items as well as other material. Our bags have therefore become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. It’s advisable to form the habit of cleaning these bags after use.

We trust that these have been really helpful insights.

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